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Building Capacity for Constructive Cultures

  • Large Scale Performance Management Initiative for a Provincial Government
  • Determine current and ideal culture profiles
  • Engage individuals and organizations in whole-systems thinking
  • Develop Corporate Vision and Core Values
  • Design learning opportunities to address culture needs (team, leadership, systems thinking, coaching culture) for individuals, and teams including boards

Where We've Done It Before:

  • Training lead for a large scale Performance Management Project. In collaboration with an extended Project team, led the development of expertise in Human Resources for the Project and supported the train-the-trainer and coaching components.
  • Have conducted competency research, data gathering and facilitation.
  • Established direction and processes for a Credit Union's culture change initiative, then successfully implemented that initiative.
  • Co-created leadership development strategies for global Medical Diagnostics company and several small Banks. The goal: to support a systems approach to developing leaders.
  • Created leadership competency models for a global Medical Diagnostics company and a Credit Union to support the ongoing deep development of leadership capacity.
  • Facilitated management and executive teams Vision and Values workshops within the Hospitality industry. The goal: to determine vision, values and 'next step' strategies.
  • Developed core values for organization embarking on major change initiatives.