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"It does not need to be a choice between head decisions and heart decisions. An organization that balances head decisions and heart decisions has a far greater potential for achieving and substaining success than an orgainzation that does not have heart"

–Bill Maynard & Tom Champoux


Building Capacity for Constructive Culture

"I have worked with Maureen for several years now and know her to be a highly knowledgeable consultant and coach. 

Our organization most recently contracted her to lead our organization through a process of action research to determine our core values as part of a culture shift in our organization. Maureen's knowledge and understanding of organizational culture and change was instrumental in the process.

Maureen developed a detailed project plan, goals, objectives and desired outcomes and then facilitated the discovery sessions with our team in a meaningful way allowing for richness in the dialogue. Working with Maureen on this project was an invigorating and rewarding experience for all project team participants. We can't wait to take the next steps towards becoming a values driven organization."

— Ken Hawrys, Vice President, Operations & Strategy, Salmon Arm Savings & Credit Union

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Developing Extraordinary Leaders

"The most valuable aspect of this program was the triad coaching calls because you rarely in life get to talk about leadership experiences/opportunities and what they FELT like. No one ever asks you or guides you through it. And therefore, you never really learn what you did well and what you could have done differently. I also found it very valuable realizing that leadership opportunities are sometimes not obvious. They are not the classic "leadership" roles we associate with the term. Through this program I have a better goal in mind of the kind of leader I aspire to be and what style for me might be most effective."

" One-hundred percent of participants agreed or strongly agreed on the coach/facilitator subject matter expertise, facilitation, championing an effective group coaching process, creating a safe environment for learning, demonstrating integrity, sincerity, good listening and powerful questioning skills and acknowledging and championing participants. It was also notes that the coaches/facilitators supported participants in their stretch goals."

— Participant Feedback, Developing Extraordinary Leaders, AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

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Academic Supervising

"As a Royal Roads University Student I needed a Supervisor with expertise in action research, and some was who was knowledgeable and passionate about organizational culture, and organizational development.

Through Maureen's coaching and communication skills we quickly developed a collaborative relationship. Maureen challenged me to explore different perspectives, encouraged me to be more reflective, and prompted me when I hit a road block. Maureen was very responsive to my questions and concerns, supportive, and when needed advocated on my behalf in navigating university protocols. With Maureen's support I was able to achieve my goals and I highly recommend her as a Faculty Supervisor. "

— Enid Mitchell, Manager, Organizational Learning and Development, Ontario Nurses' Association

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"Before spending this time with Maureen as my coach, I felt like I had ended up in my position as a team leader by default and that I lacked the skills necessary to be able to make a positive difference on the Addiction Team. I believed that no one on my team would really take me seriously and that other people on the team were more "in the know" about the BIG PICTURE.

From the work we have done in these sessions, I am now able to accept that I have many great leadership skills, that I have a creativity, knowledge, vision, and intention to be a critical member of the team, I now believe that the team is actually lucky to have me as a member, and that they do value me on this team. I have also found out that no one was really in the know about a big picture and that I have the skills to actually assist this in creating the Big Picture.

Thank you Maureen, I hope you are around for many years. I would certainly recommend managers/ leaders to seek out this type of coaching."

— M. Marlow, Vancouver Coastal Health, Vancouver Detox

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Work Life Integration — Go Forward Strategies

" This program is very much about our own personal perspective and not about what the company is doing to change its mode of action or expectations. We are all very passionate about our work here and the value that we can bring to patients and physicians, that is what makes us get up and going every morning."

"I feel able to be a better leader in my team by asking for support and understanding other's needs and being support for my team mates. Burning out is not good in the short or long term so taking a stand earlier and understanding why I feel this way gives me strength."

"Feeling less guilty about turning off the computer at a reasonable hour and less guilty that if I made 5 excellent calls then this is a good thing and not to feel guilty that I did not see more docs - so I can spend time on myself(exercise)without a guilt factor - refocused on my work."

* Program results include a significant increase in health habits (28%) including eating/nutrition and prevention, a 14% increase in overall psychological well-being a 23% decrease in Type A behavior and a combined decrease on stress of 22%.

— Participant Feedback, New Directions for Work-Life, AstraZeneca Canada Inc.

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