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A Little Bit About Us

Our Fundamentals

The Blueprint Group is founded on the following premises:

  • Constructive organizational culture is the foundation to sustainability and success
  • Leaders in positive relationships are the heart of any successful organizational culture
  • Clients deserve the opportunity to 'learn, un-learn and re-learn' to help themselves and their organizations

Our practice is based on what we've come to realize is vitally important to us, as workers and leaders, and we intentionally seek to work with corporate clients and individuals who share our values.

We Value:

  • A relationship based approach to individual and organizational learning
  • Solutions that are learner-centered, with emphasis on dialogue, mutual understanding and respect
  • Solutions that have measurable outcomes and are designed in collaboration with our clients
  • Personal and professional excellence
  • Authentic dialogue
  • Curiosity, courage and lifelong learning

Our Associates and Coaches

We maintain a roster of associates who collectively provide us with the skills and expertise to fulfill even the most specific project requirements. This expertise ranges from leadership development, mentoring, organizational change management, individual and organizational wellness, government policy, performance management, facilitation, training and coaching.

All of our associates share our values and have a proven track record of providing the highest standard of organizational learning, facilitation and coaching.

Our associates are 100% committed to you and your success. All Blueprint Group associate coaches are trained under the competencies of and credentialed by International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited schools and come from varied backgrounds. During the coaching process, we tap into the deepest potential of our clients and stand by them as they soar towards great achievement. We are committed to engaging completely in the desired outcomes for our clients and for the organizations in which they are employed.