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"Leaders learn through tests and challenging situations. Leaders learn best when out of their comfort zones and forced to try new behaviours. Leaders learn best from the best. Everything is theoretical until you have been there. Seek out new places and experiences to build stockpiles of examples. "

–Robert Thomas, 2008

Types of Coaching

Executive Coaching

" [Executive]' Coaching is a one-on-one development process formally contracted between a professional coach and a management-level client to increase the client's managerial and/or leadership performance, often using action learning."

— Robert J. Lee (2002) syllabus for "Change at the Executive Level"

Team Coaching

Team coaching is a process in which coaching principles are applied to create a framework in which a team accelerates towards a collective goal. The focus of the coaching is placed on the relationship within and/or between those in the team or system. This approach creates full team member engagement resulting in sustainable and resilient teams that can solve problems and work challenges in a long lasting and meaningful, way.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a small group process throughout which there is the application of coaching principles for the purpose of personal or professional development, the achievement of goals or greater self-awareness along thematic or non-thematic lines.

— Jennifer Britton (2010) Effective Group Coaching

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