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"Leaders learn through tests and challenging situations. Leaders learn best when out of their comfort zones and forced to try new behaviours. Leaders learn best from the best. Everything is theoretical until you have been there. Seek out new places and experiences to build stockpiles of examples. "

–Robert Thomas, 2008

Coaching Services

At The Blueprint Group coaching is infused within the context of all that we do. We like to call it "a coach approach to process consulting" with curiosity providing the foundation for all of our interactions with our clients. Coaching is a necessary component to any change initiative, and in today's business world, the only constant is change itself. Coaching provides action and accountability, a framework for applied learning and reflection as individuals groups and teams develop new skills and approaches to their work and in their lives.

A coaches' job is to be present, listen, champion, acknowledge, support and encourage clients and teams towards where they want to go. A coach will remain focused on the goal, ask the difficult questions and motivate. A coach is curious.

At The Blueprint Group, we deliver coaching services in three very distinctive ways. Types of Coaching